and Featured in DN Journal and Featured in DN Journal

This week, DN Journal discussed the new partnership of two leaders in the domain industry, and Ron Jackson, editor of DN Journal, shared the exciting news of the partnership. As well as the many positive additions this team brings to the domain industry. Jackson called this team a “key partnership” that brings the domain brokerage services of to Efty users.

This partnership is a crucial addition to the domain name space. Combining the expertise of two strong leaders in the domain industry to create an elevated experience. and understand the importance of domain names and are dedicated to helping clients meet their business goals.

For, the mission has always been to help every client be seen. was founded to use the knowledge of the domain industry to help clients build their business. With a domain broker like, anyone can buy a domain, sell a domain name or protect a domain name. Together, Co-Founders Amanda Waltz and Jeffrey Gabriel have been a part of $400 million in domain sales. Their expertise creates a unique, personalized experience through domain brokerage, appraisal, portfolio management services and more. is an innovative domain sales platform that began in 2013. The business who uses a software-as-a-service model continues to stand out in the domain industry. Additionally, Efty allows customers to pay a membership fee in order to use the Efty marketplace, instead of paying commissions on sales.

Efty Investor subscribers that opt-in will be able to assign individual leads to the brokerage team and pay a competitive 15% commission (or $250.00 whichever is greater) upon the completion of a successful sale. After setting a target and a floor price, you can forward new inquiries to the team with a click of a button and you can even assign older leads for their team to revive. They excel in following up consistently, qualifying buyers, and applying customized strategies for individual buyer profiles.”

Doron Vermaat in DN Journal 

The combination of industry-leading technology with experienced domain brokers is unmatched. This partnership believes in the power of domain names and is devoted to helping clients every step of the process. To learn more about this partnership, please contact us.